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How To Build Your Brand With Bloggers

Bloggers are big news these days. Some of the top blog sites are even, dare I say it, overtaking traditional print media like magazines. People are more and more likely to click on a blog that they see shared on Facebook than to actually go out and buy a magazine ~... read more

Use PR To Attract Dream Clients

PR Masterclass In this recording of my PR Masterclass I explain how entrepreneurs and small business owners can use PR to attract more dream clients, raise your profile and boost your credibility. If you’ve always wanted to get your business into magazines,... read more

3 Steps To Get Your Biz Ready For PR

  One of the most common responses I get from people when I talk about getting PR and getting their business featured in the press is this: ‘I’m not ready’ Those three simple words say so much about your visibility mindset. Because the truth is,... read more

On Being Useless At PR & Being An Imposter

Today I want to share with you a little story. It was about 9 years ago, and I’d recently moved to Bristol and landed the job of my dreams – PA to the CEO and Communications Officer of an international NGO. OK granted, I wasn’t great at... read more

VIDEO ~ How To Write A Press Release

If you want to start getting amazing publicity for your business (and who doesn’t?!), then most entrepreneurs think you start with a press release. In my latest video I debunk some of the common myths about press releases, and tell you how (and when!) to write a... read more

Leonie Dawson 2017 Planner & Workbook Free Gift

I’m EXCITED!! Leonie Dawson has release her 2017 Shining Year Biz & Life Workbooks! If you’ve come across these bad-boys before, then you’ll understand why I’m soooo excited about this. When I first started using them in 2013 they literally... read more

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