Today I’m thrilled to be sharing a guest post from the fabulous Sashka Hanna-Rappl, Branding, Consumer & Marketing Maestro from BrandSashka. Sashka shares with us her top tips for creating a tantalising brand, and as I said to her, anything that includes an intro about chocolate cake is a winner in my books! 


“Oh YES! That one please!”

I proclaim to the waiter, who obligingly nods, turns his back to me and walks away. Only to return a few minutes later, with most probably THE most divine piece of chocolate cake EVER to hit this planet.

OMG! That looks so friggin’ devine – seriously.

The icing, the size – yummeee.

I take my cake fork, lick my lips and slice off the first tantalizing piece of my chocolate cake and raise it to my mouth.

My face cringes, my taste buds scream from pain.

The chocolate cake tastes anything BUT what it looked like, and my whole being protests against this blasphemy!

I’m sure that you too have been disappointed when your eyes deceive your other senses?

The same goes for your business.

Promising everything other than what was advertised.

It’s such a horrible let-down.

Even if it doesn’t have to be.

Too often businesses just advertise hot air. And what they aim to achieve with that is beyond me. However, I would love to share with you four tips on creating content for your consumers, that’s anything but hot air content.

Get yourself comfortable, and let’s get going.


There’s a reason why “sales“ and “Salesmen“ have such a daunting reputation and are perceived with such resentment. Because they sell you stuff you really don’t want. And then you feel trapped into buying something.

And for some unbeknown reason, businesses find it necessary to SELL all.the.time in their advertising. It’s so annoying. I don’t see Red Bull or Apple stuffing their advertising down my throat. They seriously give me my space to make up my own decision whether or not to buy their products. Their advertising is aimed at ME and what I’m going through and not what the business feels necessary to SELL to me.

Yes I’m fully aware that you want to make a large profit – we ALL want to make that profit. But you also want to build up LOYAL customers. Not one-night or one-week-stands…

Tip: Find ways to discern between your Benefits and your Features in your magnetic messages. Stay true to your Brand Personality and Essence.

Ask yourself after coming up with an idea: Would YOU buy your idea? If yes, you’re onto a good content-lead.


I’m always amazed at how inaccessible small town folk who, after working to get to their level of excellence, suddenly become inaccessible to the people who got them there in the first place. This is why I’m such a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, Will Smith, Eric Thomas and Angelina Jolie. These folk, have no alter-ego’s and they stay true to just who they are. Basically what you see is what you get.

Yes, I am aware that there are some folk out there, who are likely to be overly possessive which makes it a little difficult to be accessible. And doing all that you did when you had no team or staff makes it a little less easier to be accessible to your customers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. You just need to find a different path to meet in the middle. That’s not too much to ask is it?

Tip: Have a support month for your loyal consumers. Have a live webinar or workshop or meeting to show your human side.


So many of us procrastinate when it comes to developing our branding or our marketing strategy, a blog, a theme for your social media calendar or a kick-butt lead magnet. Why? Well for one reason, because of your indelectable desire to want to be perfect before going live. So, instead you do everything BUT what will help your business fall forward.

I hear so often that business owners are baffled as to what content to deliver to their consumers. That they don’t want to deliver something that’s “already been done before”. So instead of delivering something, they procrastinate and deliver nothing. Your content, is relevant to your business. Relevant to your why and most importantly, a conglomerate of the former aimed specifically to your target audience.

Tip: Every single person on the face of this planet “steals” ideas from someone else, and re-invents the wheel instead of inventing the wheel. Even Shakespeare stole a few ideas for his plays and put his own twist on it.

When Apple started – it too was just another PC. What made it different was its design. Something NO OTHER PC manufacturer has EVER taken interest in, like Apple.

The goal is to practice to become perfect. You have to start somewhere – you’re not going to get it right the first time. Even Thomas Edison needed his thousandth time to get it right with his invention.

Just keep swimming (as Dori would say)


Did you know that knowledge will also make you procrastinate and create content consisting of hot air?

Yup. The more knowledge that you have, without putting it into action, the more the knowledge will become an influx and leave you stuck.

Knowledge is the fuel to keep us falling forward. A car doesn’t want fuel – it NEEDS fuel. As your content – it doesn’t want knowledge – it NEEDS knowledge to be put into action to fall foward.

Tip: Once you learn something put it into an actionable blog or lead magnet or workshop for your customers. Whatever you do, don’t keep it locked up in your brain. It just slows you down.

Are you ready to create?

Too often we entrepreneurs mistake creation as reserved for the creative and intellectually priviliged.

Not so!

It’s for EVERYONE. Including yourself.

The only requirement is action.

And I am positive that you can implement this.

All you need to do is move. Forward.

Once you get that movement in motion. Everything else will follow – with ups and downs.

The most important step being, your courage to move forward and change the world, one step and person at a time.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl, is a specialist at Brand-ING Your Soul. She’s a passionate Consumer & Marketing Maestro, transformational sashka1-Kopie-150x150speaker and consumer psychology junkie. She’s on a mission to inspire businesses to create unforgettable brands and to upgrade their business’ level of excellency.

BrandSashka is her company, which mentors you in the area of Branding, Consumers and Marketing. Or alternatively, she offers products tailored to your business needs to create your unforgettable brand with soul.

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