Hi, I’m Rebecca!


You’ve got a beautiful coaching, creative or wellbeing business,

but you’re struggling to get in front of those all-important clients.

You know you need to concentrate on raising your profile,

but you have no idea how to get in press and earn one of those coveted ‘as seen in’ banners on your site.

You don’t want to bring in an expensive PR agency,

but you need someone to show you step-by-step how to raise your profile and get featured in blogs, podcasts, magazines and more.

Let me show you exactly how to use PR to find your audience, boost your credibility and build your meaningful business



  • In my signature Academy The Publicity Program I teach passionate entrepreneurs how to use PR to raise your profile and build your business
  • If you have a people-centred, holistic, soulful or creative small business then this is the place for you
  • I’ll show you how to start getting press from day one in a way that feels natural and fun
  • You’ll learn how to use the power of publicity to build your client base
  • I’ll teach you how to get creative with your content and really connect with your tribe


A bit about me

My career started straight after uni when I went to work in the head office of a wonderful charity in London that helped offenders overcome addiction. Over the next 15 years I steadily worked my way up the ladder from admin to marketing & PR, working for local businesses, national charities and an international NGO. I loved the work, but something just felt like it was missing. Then I went to work for Outset, an award winning public funded programme helping entrepreneurs & small business owners start-up and make their dreams a reality.

Taking the Leap

In 2013 due to widespread cuts in the sector, I was facing another round of redundancies. As my colleagues applied for positions, I decided to bow out of the process. With no job to go to, I’d come to a dead end. Or so I thought, until a chance conversation made me think seriously about self-employment for myself.

Within a week I had my first paying client.

I started offering a PR & blogging service to other small business owners, and was astounded by the take up. In the first 8 months I worked with over 50 fabulous entrepreneurs from around the world, helping them write their business stories & getting coverage in everything from local papers to the BBC, specialist blogs to glossy mags. Whilst I continued to work freelance with charities, Write and Reach was born.


Rebecca has helped me overcome my fear of social media and provided me with some really thorough and useful guidance in terms of helping me to promote my business through these mediums which felt so alien to me.
She’s also helped shape campaigns and given me a clear structure to follow, doing the press releases and helping to generate more interest in my business.
I would really recommend her to work with! Especially if you feel like you’ve no idea where to begin or how to go about developing PR and Marketing!
Hannah Currant

Hannah Currant Shiatsu


My Philosphy


  • I live and breathe creativity, and feed this into everything I do. I believe you can too.
  • I love the freedom that entrepreneurialism brings, for myself and for women around the world. My work is centered around giving other entrepreneurs the tools you need to take your business to the next level.
  • I don’t live by the rules and hate rigidity, but I DO believe in simple systems and tried and tested techniques to make your marketing feel like a breeze.
  • The journey is as important as the destination, and every day we have the opportunity to learn and grow.
  • With the right tools in place, step-by-step, we can all achieve the business of our dreams.

Come & chat with me…

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Wan’t to find out what REEEALLY makes me tick?



  • I’m a hugely creative person. I love tinkering and making and also run a small jewellery & art business called Bristol Papillon which I sell at local markets and online
  • I’ve got a degree in archaeology. My passion for travel and adventure has led me to work on digs iMe diggingn Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic and the Caribbean. This is also what encouraged me to build an online, location independent business.
  • I was brought up on a farm in Sussex, and have the ruddy cheeks to prove it!
  • Thanks to my Pops, I can recite all of the kings and queens of England from 1066 to the present day – fact.
  • I really love to dance (note to self, book those lessons!)
  • I love social media, come and find me on Facebook!


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