Get ready to kick-start your content

Hey there lady, so you want to spread the word about your fabulous business, but you haven’t got time to spend hours in front of your computer, slaving away at your blog and social media.

Perhaps you know what you want to say, but when you sit down to type, the words just don’t flow.

You know that writing a business blog is important for growing your audience, but you just don’t know what to blog about.

Creating more content is high on your list of things you should do, but with a million and one other priorities, blogging keeps getting pushed to the side.

I’m Becs,

and I’m here for you!

I’m a Huff Post blogger and content creator with countless blog posts under my belt. From coaches to jewellers to complimentary therapists to plumbers (yes, really!), I can turn my hand to just about any topic and create compelling copy you’ll be proud to share. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how tough it can be to find the time to blog regularly when you have the important work of your business to get on with. Which is exactly why I’ve produced this package, so you can relax knowing your content marketing is under control.


This is for you if…

Triangle2You have a business blog which is languishing in the sidelines

Triangle2You want to get your biz out there, get more clients & sales

Triangle2You’d love to have your blog taken off your hands for a month, so you can concentrate on your business

Triangle2You’re looking for a massive social media boost, but don’t have the time to do it yourself

Triangle2You’d love to get some new ideas, to give your blog that extra sparkle!

Triangle2You lie awake at night thinking about all the things you SHOULD blog about, but just can’t find the words/ time/ inclination to start

The thing is, I feel your pain.

You spend precious hours in front of your computer unsure what to write. Unable to see the wood from the trees you give up in despair and jack it in, another week gone without a new blog post and another missed opportunity to reach your ideal clients and show them how great you really are.

But fear not, lovely!

I’m here to give your blog that boost it so desperately craves. You’ll receive four blog posts, expertly crafted to compliment your brand and bring in more readers, which you can use whenever you choose. What’s more, I’ll do all the hard work for you and supply a captivating image to be used with each blog, a Facebook graphic and 3 suggested tweets. All you need do is schedule your posts, plug in your social media and you’re good to go!

Rebecca has significantly helped our website SEO, boosting visitors to our site thanks to her monthly blogs! Claire

Inspire, Motivate & Engage

What you’ll get:

Triangle24 expertly crafted blog posts to engage your audience

Triangle24 catchy headlines to get people to click and visit your site

Triangle2I’ll also research and include your industry keywords to give your SEO that added boost

Triangle2A captivating image to be used with each blog, which has been branded to your business

Triangle2A Facebook graphic for each blog post, to use on your page and encourage even more people to visit your site

Triangle2The copy for 3 tweets, ready for you to schedule


All this for just £295 // approx $380


To discuss requirements and book your blog booster email hello [at]

How it works

Once we agree a schedule, I’ll send you a link to pay via PayPal, and also a link to download a quick questionnaire. This questionnaire helps me ensure I’m producing the best blogs for your business. Once you return your completed answers to me, I’ll send you over a list of blog ideas within our agreed time-frame. Choose your favorite 4, and you’ll receive them along with all the juicy graphics and social media posts within our agreed timeframe. You are entitled to two rounds of amends per blog post, to make sure we get them spot on!

Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Can I see examples of your work?

Of course! Check out my press page for just a few of the places I have been published recently

  • Do I have to use your name at the end of the blogs?

No, these blogs are for you to post onto your page, and you don’t need to include my name as the blogger

  • Can I use these blogs for guest posts on other sites?

No, the aim of these blogs is to boost visitors to your own site, so I would request that you only post them on your own business blog & website. If you would like me to ghost-write guest posts then please do get in touch to discuss further!

  • Do I have to post the blogs in any particular order?

It’s totally up to you to use these blogs on your site as and when you wish!

  • Can I use these blogs as a sales page?

They are written to be used on your blog, so not really, sales pages are entirely different beasts to write.

  • What if I don’t like them? Can I get a refund?

I really hope you will love them as much as I know I’ll love writing them. It takes me a long time to write each blog post, so unfortunately no refunds will be issued. This is why I ask that you complete a questionnaire at the beginning, so I can ensure I am writing in the best style for your business. However you are entitled to Two rounds of amends per blog post to ensure you are extremely happy with each one. Any additional changes will be charged at £40 per hour.

  • Have you used these blogs anywhere else?

No, all these blogs are written especially for you, and I will never use them anywhere else or claim them as my own. They are all 100% original, and will pass examination through Copyscape.

  • I have a question, can I contact you direct?

Yes! Drop me a line at


Ready to give your blog a boost & kickstart your content?