Social media marketing is a fantastic way to build your business and get fans raving about your products. If done well, it’s like having your own mini-army of people out there promoting your business for you! We’ve all seen the inspirational quotes and top tips which flood our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest pages every day – but how do you make a fabulous image that’s going to stand out from the crowd and ACTUALLY get people clicking and sharing?

In my latest video, I share my top tips to get you started. I filmed this outside down in sunny (ish) Devon, so the audio is a bit crap, so I’ve included some show notes below outlining the main points too!

Show notes

We’ve all seen those websites offering cheap stock imagery. They can be very useful for building up your website, but wow they all look a bit samey-samey and they can often be very corporate in feel. Which is all very well and good if your a big bank or management account, but my guess is, your not (sorry accountants!).

It’s actually really easy to take fab photos of your own which you can use again and again on social media, your blog &  your website, creating interesting and fun visuals for your fans to share.

I’m no photographer myself, but I LOVE my iPhone, and when I get outside I always feel creative – like in this video where I’m out in nature, but also when I’m wandering round a city too, there’s so much to see if you take the time to look.

So, what I want you to do is take an hour and go for a walk, where-ever you are, and take snaps of everything you see. Get creative with angles and don’t get too hung up on the details, just get shooting and see what comes out!

Now don’t get me wrong, you’ll probably look at some of your images and think, bleugh, there’s no way I can share that image on social media. But fear not – here are my top tools to help you take a picture from meh to WOWZERS!

  • Instagram – I love it, and I love how you can put different filters and effects on your photos t make them look really arty & professional.
  • A Beautiful Mess – Another iPhone app which is so fun, like Instagram your can put your photo through filters, & you can also add your own words & fun little graphics – perfect for quickly turning your pictures into funky social media quotes.
  • Canva – I just can’t rave enough about Canva. If you have limited graphic skills (or, hey, like none) it’s so so easy to use on your laptop, to create blog images, social media posts, you can even design eBooks. I don;t know where my business would have been without Canva, and even better, it’s Free (yup, with a capital ‘F’).

So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and get creative. You can save your images in a folder on your laptop and build up an awesome and totally original bank of free resources which your followers are bound to love.

Have fun with it!

And if you want to see some more examples of my own creations, head over to my Facebook page & find me on Twitter now!