As you may know I talk a lot about creativity and how you can build this into your business.

It’s especially important when you are marketing yourself and looking to stand above the crowd. What’s more, injecting a bit of creativity into your day, whatever your business may be, is a fun way to expand your ideas and reach new audiences.

But, as we all know, creativity is a slippery beast, and the idea of tapping into your own creativity daily can seem a bit daunting at times. I truly believe that as entrepreneurs we are all creative, life-coaches, holistic practitioners, beauticians or accountants, even if our business is not a typically ‘creative’, your daily quest to build your business involves a great deal of innovation.

We’re all different, and work in a myriad of different ways. And who better to learn creative tips and tricks from than each other?

This is why I am excited to launch a new Q & A series, so that we can all learn from each other and get tips to help build creativity into our businesses too.

This week, I’m thrilled to be featuring one of our very own Creative Biz Stars, Pamela Sommers. Pam

Pamela’s business SommerSparkle specialises in providing a selection of beautiful jewellery & accessories for weddings, proms and other special occasions. In this interview, Pamela talks about her inspiration and creative practices, and you can find links to her website and social media below.

There are some fascinating nuggets of wisdom in here, I hope you find it as interesting and useful as I do. Why not hop over to Facebook and let us know your favourite bit?


Why did you decide to become a creative entrepreneur?


SpeachI believe in making dreams come true. Creative imagination plays a big part in SommerSparkle, we want people to not only dream but also to live out their fairytale wedding. This idea is displayed throughout our unique jewellery & accessories.

QWhat does creativity mean to you, and how do you build it into your business?


SpeachCreativity is an opportunity to express art through beauty, our selection of jewellery & accessories help to Sparkling Floral Crystal Jewellery Set PS v3enhance the beauty of the individual.

 QWhat inspires you in your business and your life? Do you have any rituals or  practices to get yourself inspired?


What inspires me is when a customer’s face lights up with joy.
As a Christian I find prayer helps me to go within and helps to maintain focus.

QWhen you you’re feeling stuck or blocked, how do you tap back into your creativity?


I take a quiet moment and meditate, this allows me to go within and listen to my inner guidance. Peace and tranquility helps me regain my creative flow.

 QWhat do you most love about what you create, and how does it make you feel?


SpeachI get excited about creating something beautiful, it fills me with enthusiasm which helps me to inspire others. I think a life without creativity would be dull, monotonous and without joy.

QWhat’s been your main stumbling block when it comes to building creativity into your business?


My main stumbling block has been learning the technical side to business. Thankfully there are many people who are willing to give words of wisdom, who have helped to overcome this.


Where do you get your best ideas?



My best ideas usually occur in the middle of the night, when I think and say to myself, “I must write this down!”


Do you have a special item? Could you describe it and why it’s special?



My special item is a gold necklace, which has a gold crucifix and my mother’s wedding ring on it. My mother passed away many years ago and she gave me the crucifix and necklace as a gift before she died. I then inherited the wedding ring, which I placed on the necklace.


Where is your favourite place in the world?


My favourite place in the world is Mauritius. I love the beaches there and it is where my parents are from


QNow for one of my favourite topics – fun! For me it’s cucial to build fun into my business & my life. What do you do to have fun?

SpeachI love listening to music, singing and dancing. These activities always lift my spirits. I have always found dancing around the room to loud music very therapeutic I also think having a sense of humour helps.

Pamela, thank you so much for this fascinating insight into your business & your creative practice! You can see SommerSparkle’s beautiful range by follow the links below:

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