Take the quiz and discover your entrepreneurial personality


I’m a little bit addicted to them. Not game shows on TV, but those fun and informative interactive quizzes that get shared on Facebook (by me!) a lot.

Thanks to them, I now know my spirit animal, my ideal holiday destination (Tropical island with lots of history, obvs), what my aura says about me….. the list is pretty much endless.

But these quizzes can be actually a whole lot more than just a little bit of fun. For the savvy business owner, they can actually be an amazing marketing tool used to reach more dream clients, to engage with them quickly, and to find out some valuable information about them too.

Archetype quizzes are BIG in the entrepreneurial world right now. I was first introduced to them by a biz-buddy, who told me I really should check out Cerries Mooney and her primary archetype test ~ loved it, and I even have the results pinned to my wall! Denise Duffield Thomas is another who has jumped onto the wagon with her sacred money archetype quiz. There are lots out there, and my prediction is there are soon to be even more!

Anyway, what’s all this chat about quizzes got to do with me, you may be wandering?

Well, due to my long-standing addiction to all things quiz, I was pretty chuffed to be approached by the folks from Interact to give their quiz generation tool a try. I had to think long and hard about the type of quiz I wanted that would really help me learn more about my followers – but they had loads of handy templates already plugged in, and once I got started it was so easy to use, and really fun.

And so, without further ado, I give you  …..

The Entrepreneurial Personality Quiz

PS Some links in the blog are affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you buy from Interact having clicked my link