I’ve started going to a really lovely networking event here in Bristol – I love getting out from behind my laptop every now and then and actually meeting fellow entrepreneurs in the flesh! networking can be scary, but this one is particularly friendly and relaxed, plus, we got a glass of Prosecco too – perfect!

Anyway, back behind my laptop again, and when I log into Facebook I see the usual stream of ads for people claiming that if I try their X,Y,Z (insert new-fangled marketing strategy) I’ll get a boat-load of new clients in no time.

Sounds great.

Apart from it’s not true.

OK, so it’s not exactly a lie either – using Pinterest or Emails or Facebook Lives or PR or Networking or Chat Bots or Facebook Ads WILL bring you new clients – but only if done as part of a proper strategy.

This is something I’ve realised over the years – that one marketing technique alone is not the golden bullet to fame and fortune that some people would have you believe.

It all needs to flow together like an eco-system – each technique you implement complimenting and supporting the other, so that you have a coherent message being put out consistently across multiple platforms.

Sounds simple hey?

OK, I know, it’s actually in practice quite hard – I know I for one struggle to find the time to sit down and properly plan out my marketing.

I’ve also fallen fowl of spending all my time in one place (hello, Facebook!), and failing to properly put the time and effort into some of the other places which could really help my business grow.

This is exactly the same with all the different strategies out there – including PR. Done best, it should both support, and be supported by, your social media, blogging, email marketing and videos.

This is exactly why I created a module in The Publicity Program to show you how to bring all your marketing together into coherent campaigns, which you can monitor, measure and replicate when successful. That probably sounds a bit complicated and jargony (is that a word?), but actually the process is pretty simple, and I’ve even included some templates to help.

So, next time you see an advert for a magic-bullet marketing strategy – remember that it COULD work – but only if integrated properly into your whole marketing eco-system. Take time to build the system and everything else should flow!

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