Happy Friday everyone! For today’s #SoulfulFriday guest posts I’m really excited to introduce Stasha Washburn AKA The Period Coach. Stasha is talking about a topic which I find fascinating: How to run our business, and our life, in sync with our menstrual cycle.

I have increasingly realised there are times throughout the month when I’m feeling much more energetic & creative, and one of the wanders of running our own businesses is that we can really tap into that energy. Read on to find our more! I’d love to hear what you think to, pop over to my fab Facebook group of Biz Stars and let’s start the conversation.


The problem?

We’re so busy trying to ignore it that we don’t learn how to use it to our advantage!

My goal here is to give you a sample of what can be done when we shift that mindset and allow ourselves to think of this cycle from a place of empowerment.

More and more studies are coming out everyday about how our hormonal balance is tied to all of our bodily functions. We know now that emotion changes how you digest. Angry = too fast, your food isn’t broken down properly and you don’t absorb the nutrients. Sad = too slow, your food stays in your system to long and starts to decay in your intestines, not good!

It makes sense then that our reproductive hormones actually impact the rest of our bodies. Our hormones aren’t simply made and used in the ovaries. There’s a whole cascade of triggers that have to work together before and after for our bodies to work correctly. That being said estrogen directly affects how our brain functions.

You know how some days you’re in a conversation or presentation and you NAIL it. You’re on FIRE! Then other days you’re trying to think of the word ‘house’ and the best you can do is ‘you know, the big box we live in?!’. This is because your estrogen fires up your verbal skills and then ebbs leaving you searching for words.

In two studies conducted by Dr. Doreen Kimura, a psychology professor at the University of Western Ontario, with her grad student, Elizabeth Hampson, they found that women performed better on tasks involving verbal skill when estrogen levels were high than they did when the levels were low.

Today I’m going to walk you through how to use this knowledge to schedule your writing tasks for your business.

The four phases of your cycle are:

  1. Luteal – declining estrogen – aka PMS
  2. Menstrual – lowest estrogen – our period
  3. Follicular – rising estrogen – feeling our energy rising again
  4. Ovulation -peak estrogen – peak fertile time and high energy

This is a rise and fall so the exact days that your estrogen begins to dip or flow depends on your body. I HIGHLY encourage tracking your cycles, it makes life so much easier to plan!

We all have a lot of writing! For the sake of time let’s pretend we’re all bloggers. However if you’re in business you’re writing emails, writing copy, writing sales pages, writing social media posts, connecting with potential clients via social media… these are all applicable tasks here.

  • Luteal Phase: I teach women this is our “What” phase. Since we all know PMS can be a bitch we tend to want to stay home and nest. Clean the house, binge watch Netflix, eat a few pints of chocolate death ice cream… I get it! This is the perfect time to make lists! Take a look at your business. What blog posts really clicked with your tribe? Which ones didn’t? Take note.
  • Menstrual Phase: What topics would you like to cover for the next month? Brainstorm some awesome topics. Think about your Life Vision and your Business Vision. Connect back to the heart in your heart based business. What do you want to bring into the world? You’re SO connected to your intuition during this phase, you’re also objective. It’s the perfect time to create topics to help change the world while looking at your what worked and what didn’t lists from the previous phase.
  • Follicular Phase: You’re a productive machine in this phase! Kick it with your laptop and bust out your next month of blog posts. Boom.
  • Ovulation: You’re at your peak verbal skills. Go back and edit. Pull your amazing lines for social media and tag lines. Put your artistic spin on everything because at this phase you’re on FIRE!


period timetable

If you’d like a video version of this post, with more info about your cycle and ideas for running your biz from this empowered place check this out: ThePeriodCoach.com/video

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About Stasha


As a women who went through almost two decades of periods that were so bad I passed out in public, was prescribed not only birth control but also narcotics in highschool (wtf?!) I’ve spent the majority of my life learning ancient traditions and modern science, bringing them together to empower women. My Life Vision is to End The Taboo. My Business Vision is to help other FEMpreneurs learn to run their business with their flow so they too can change the world from a healthy empowered place!