One of the most common responses I get from people when I talk about getting PR and getting their business featured in the press is this:

‘I’m not ready’

Those three simple words say so much about your visibility mindset.

Because the truth is, you are ready, you are TOTALLY ready, and you’ve been ready from day 1!

  • You’re the expert in your field
  • You have loads of experience
  • And you have some amazing gifts to share with the world.

It’s time you got out there, got visible, and started building your credibility too.

Now this email isn’t intended to purely be a motivational smack-down.

Whilst I know it’s easy for me to sit here, crack the whip and say ‘get pitching, now!’ if you don’t FEEL ready, then you’re not going to give of the best impression during the pitching process.

Changing your mindset and how you feel about visibility and PR is really important, and something I cover in great detail in The Publicity Program

But there are also some important steps which you can put in place to prepare your business for PR right now.

How to prep your business from PR


1. Get your website ready

Your website is your online home and shop front all rolled into one. It’s the first place that potential new clients will visit after they read an article about you or hear you on a podcast. Look at your website objectively and check that everything is working properly. Do all the links work? Can new users easily sign up to your newsletter and find your products or services? Are your social media links up to date and your contact details prominent? Another amazing tip which I got from website officiando Jess Catorc is to use Peek User Testing – you add a page of your site and get a recorded video of someone using it and talking through what they think. Genius.


2. Check your social media

Journalists, and readers, will Google your name, and they are likely to come across your social media accounts. Social media is perfect for doing a bit of online stalking (it’s ok, we all do it!). Which is why it’s vital your social media gives a good representation of you and your business, and that it has some interesting posts to get them hooked!


3. Create a media or press pack

This is such a great item to have in place, and so easy to produce. It takes the form of a one-sided document with all the key information that a journalist might want about your business. When you get media requests, it’s a great idea to have one ready to go. I go into loads more detail about media packs, and there is even a media pack template and special training in The Publicity Program Members Lounge~ click to check it out!

Once you have these three simple steps in place, you’ll feel a lot more confident and ready to get there and getting some amazing publicity for your business.


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