The Ultimate Content Plan for your Business

Everything you need to create a content plan & get out of marketing hell.

You know marketing is important, but getting organised with a content plan seems impossible

You’re ready to get your business out there, but you feel like you’re drowning in a swamp of social media, newsletters and blogs.

You desperately want to grow your business, but you don’t where to start.

I’m Becs,

and I’m here to help!

When I started my own business, I fell into the trap of thinking I needed an elaborate planning system to get my marketing on track. But you know what, I didn’t stick to it! Shocking I know, but when as a solopreneur you’re trying to juggle 101 things it’s really hard to keep on track with your own marketing and to stick to rigid deadlines.

I soon realised I needed a far more streamlined process, which would enable me to get my marketing organised whilst taking the pressure off during busy periods. I devised a simple three step process, which I’ve used in my own business and with all my clients ever since.

I want to show you too!

This is for you if…


trianglesgroupturqYou want a simple content plan but you don’t know where to start

trianglesgroupturqPerhaps you’ve tried to use a content plan, but it takes up so much time you just don’t stick to it

trianglesgroupturqYou know you should post a regular blog and newsletter, but you don’t know how to find the time

trianglesgroupturqYou’d love to have all your social media sorted, instead of logging in and getting lost in the noise

trianglesgroupturqYou want your marketing to actually grow your business, instead of feeling like one giant time-suck

trianglesgroupturqYou want to reach people NOW, and get frustrated by the amount of time it takes

trianglesgroupturqYou want a simple plan that you will actually stick to this time


Sound familiar?

Have you ever started a content plan with loads of good intentions, only to get side tracked and totally overwhelmed? Perhaps you use the scatter-gun method of posting as and when you can find the time. You know you need to be more consistent in order to grow your biz, but nothing seems to stick. The point is, we’ve all been there, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

In Planning Your Publicity, I’ll show you my simple three step process to help you get your blog, social media and newsletters organised for the week ahead, the month and even the year! What’s more, you’ll get all the tools & templates you need to plan your first PR campaign, get your content organised, and get seen by your ideal clients.

In this mini-course you’ll get instant access to:


trianglespinkA Monthly Calendar to quickly plan out all your content

trianglespinkA Weekly Planner to get organised with social media & blogs

trianglespinkA Blog Post Planner to organise your topics and ideas in one place

trianglespinkA Campaign Planner to nail your first publicity campaign

trianglespinkThe Ultimate 2017 Forward Planner to help you get lazer-focused for the year ahead ~ and an updated version for 2018

trianglespinkA workbook to take you step-by-step through planning your campaign and getting your business the attention it deserves!

Want in?

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Once you hit ‘buy now’ you’ll be taken straight to the checkout, where payment is taken quickly and securely through PayPal (you can pay by card too). You’ll receive your personal link to download the workbook and resources straight away!

Rebecca helped me overcome my fear of social media.. shape campaigns and she gave me a clear structure to follow!

Hannah Currant

Hannah Currant Shiatsu

Frequently Asked Questions…

  • I’m only just starting out, do I really need a content plan?

Yes! Trust me, it’s the quickest way to get your marketing organised and grow your biz. Your ideal clients will find you through the content you put out on social media & through your blog and newsletter, so it’s a great idea to get strategic from the get-go. In this course I show you how to tie all of your marketing into your overall business objectives.

  • What else can a content plan do for me? Sounds a bit complicated

This is a really easy method I use to plan all my content. It will help you manage everything weekly and monthly so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • What do you mean by campaign planning?

I think of marketing as a system which works best if every aspect ties in with each other. The tools in this course will show you how to get started. I’ve also included a really handy campaign planner to show you the step-by-step process I use if I want to get my business featured in a magazine.

  • So, will you show me how to write a press release?

No, this course is purely an introduction to planning your marketing, so that you can get super-organised. I honestly believe a good content plan is the bedrock of a solid business. It will save you so much time and help you get organised. I do have full PR packages available, check out my ‘Work With Me’ page for more info.

  • Does this course involve any one-to-one tuition from you?

The backbone of the course is self-study. However once you’ve gone through the materials you can join my Facebook group of Creative Biz Stars where I am available to answer your questions and give further guidance.

Ready to create the ultimate content and campaign plan?